ca.1656 (made), possibly 19th century (printing)
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Prints & Drawings Study Room, level H
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Etching on wove paper showing two sphinxes surmounting a moulding, signed with monogram 'LV.', lettered 'F: Parm: del.'.

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Brief Description
Engraving included in a volume containing 43 plates by Nicholas Lanier I (1568-1646) or II (1588-1666) and Lucas Vorsterman I (1595-1675) or II (1624-c.1667), after drawings by Parmigianino, Giulio Romano and others. These impressions were probably printed in the early 19th century, and then bound in the volume, titled 'Lanier's Drawing Book 1656'. This plate, by Vorsterman (I or II) (see Attributions Note), shows the Virgin and Child with St. Stephen, St. John the Baptist and a donor. After a lost preparatory drawing for the painting in the Gemäldegalerie, Dresden.
Physical Description
Etching on wove paper showing two sphinxes surmounting a moulding, signed with monogram 'LV.', lettered 'F: Parm: del.'.
  • Height: 9.5cm
  • Width: 6.7cm
Marks and Inscriptions
  • 'LV.' (Signed with monogram)
  • 'F: Parm: del.' (Lettered)
This is etching included in volume containing 43 plates by Nicholas Lanier I or II, and Lucas Vorsterman I or II, is signed 'LV.' According to entries in the note books of George Vertue, English writer, engraver and antiquary (1684-1756), notes that 'LV' refers to Lucas Vorsterman (which could refer to I or II).

Opinion is divided on the authorship of the plates signed with the Vorsterman monogram. Wurzbach and Le Blanc, under Lucas Vorsterman II, include an unspecified number of plates after Old Master drawings in the collections of Nicholas Lanier. One of the present plates (E.414) is listed by Hymans as by Lucas I. Certainly the remainder of the plates E.414, 423 are both ascribed to Lucas II by Copertini (Vol.2, p.61), but there seems to be no evidence that the latter, born in 1624, was working in 1636 at the age of 12; most of his work dates from after 1650.
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Victoria and Albert Museum Department of Prints and Drawings and Department of Paintings Accessions 1964 published by HMSO 1965
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