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Drawing of wall decoration from the Alhambra

Architectural Drawing
1809 to 1874 (made)

Geometrical design from the ceiling, wall or floor of the Alhambra, Spain.

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read Owen Jones and the Grammar of Ornament Owen Jones (1809 – 74) was a versatile architect and designer, and one of the most influential design theorists of the 19th century. In his search for a unique modern style, Jones looked to the Islamic world for inspiration.

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TitleDrawing of wall decoration from the Alhambra (generic title)
Materials and techniques
Brief description
Drawing, geometrical pattern from the Alhambra, 19th century, Owen Jones
Physical description
Geometrical design from the ceiling, wall or floor of the Alhambra, Spain.
  • Height: 98mm
  • Width: 126mm
Object history
One of a number of drawings of wall decoration in the Alhambra, museum numbers 9156.A to O.

Owen Jones worked as an architect and designer. After training under Lewis Vulliamy, he took his Grand Tour in 1832, travelling to Greece, Turkey, Egypt and Spain. With the French architect Jules Goury, he carried out a detailed survey of the Alhambra palace in Spain, which he published in 1842 to 1845. It is one of the first examples of chromolithography in Britain.

'Designer, writer and architect, he was educated at the Academy Schools. He toured the Middle East and Spain in 1833 and 1834. He published 'Plans, Sections and Details of the Alhambra' in 1842.
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