Printers at Work

1683 (drawn)
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Image of Gallery in South Kensington
On display at V&A South Kensington
Prints & Drawings Study Room, level C
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object details
Object Type
Materials and Techniques
Pen and brown ink, with watercolour
Brief Description
Drawing, 'Printers at Work', 1 of 24 emblems painted for the Jesuit College of Brussels, by Joannes Carolus van Deijnum, Flemish School, pen and brown ink, with watercolour, dated 1683
  • Full sheet height: 279/258mm
  • Full sheet width: 190/177mm
  • Oval design height: 146mm
  • Oval design width: 126mm
Production typeUnique
Marks and Inscriptions
  • Ruled lines in black chalk for the inscription at the top, in brown ink, antequam aliis / doctrinam tra- / das [,] tu ipse / eprius eam / penitus percepis- / se debes (‘Before you hand down learning to others, you must wholly understand it yourself’). Inscribed below, in brown ink over ruled lines, quod tradas aliis prius imbibe frustra aliis transferre paras quod non prius altum / imbiberis ; frustra cura laborque sibit. / tunc prodesse potes tunc votis omnia cedent ; / Si tibi cuncta prius cura tenere fuit. / antonius botermans brux[ellensis] poeta in gym[nasio] / Soc[ieta]tis iesu. brux[ellis] 1683.
  • Inscribed at lower right, in brown ink (with the museum’s inv. no.), 9280.15. Inscribed on verso, at upper centre, in brown ink, No 58l. Inscribed at bottom of mount, in graphite, Printing.
Object history
Edwin Parsons (dealer), London; from whom purchased (as a ‘Series of 24 pen drawings representing trades etc.’ as by P. Baut [in cover]) by the museum, 22 July 1884 for £1. 10s. 0d.
Bibliographic Reference
Jane Shoaf Turner and Christopher White, Catalogue of Dutch and Flemish Drawings in the Victoria and Albert Museum, London, 2014, vol. II, Cat. 468.15, illus. p.392.
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