André Hercules De Fleury

early 18th century (printed)
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Print, portrait of a man, head and shoulders, full face, within a plain oval border, on a plinth.

object details
Object Type
Materials and Techniques
Brief Description
Print, portrait of André Hercules De Fleury, engraving by François Chereau after Hyacinthe Rigaud, early 18th century.
Physical Description
Print, portrait of a man, head and shoulders, full face, within a plain oval border, on a plinth.
  • Height: 41.9cm (cut)
  • Width: 31.4cm (cut)
Marks and Inscriptions
'André Hercules De Fleury Ancien Eveque de Frejus Precepteur du Roy, minister d’Etat ; Abbé des Abbayes de Tournus et de St. Estienne de Caen, L’un des quarante de l’Academie françoise. Offerebat J. S. Brissart Hyac Rigaud pinx Fr. Chereau sculp.' (Lettered)
Credit line
Given by Edgar Seligman
This engraving was made in 1725 for the thesis of J. S. Brissart, after the portrait of H. Rigaud painted in 1705.
Subjects depicted
Associated Object
E.183-1960 (Version)
Bibliographic References
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