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St James's Church, Calcutta

1864 (made)

Painting of St James's Church, Calcutta, by C.G. Wray, 1864

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TitleSt James's Church, Calcutta (assigned by artist)
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Painting of St James's Church, Calcutta, by C.G. Wray, 1864
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Given by Paul F. Walter
This painting was formerly believed to show a design for the Convocation Hall of Bombay University by the Office of Sir George Gilbert Scott. Dr Alex Bremner, University of Edinburgh, has identified the watercolour as a painting of St James's Church, Calcutta, by Christopher George Wray (fl. 1856-1888), as communicated by Richard Butler, St John's College, Cambridge (see also References). Wray was an architect at the Public Works Department, Calcutta, although he also had a London address. The building depicted in the painting resembles St James's Church (as seen in an old photograph) very closely, although the towers are significantly different in the painting to the photograph, and the spire above the crossing is absent in the photograph. This begs the question of whether the painting may have been based on an original design before the church was built in 1862.
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