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Drug Jar

1593 (made)
Place of origin

Drug jar, 'dia sena nicol' painted on scroll around waist, made in Italy, Rome, tin-glazed earthenware

Object details

Object type
Materials and techniques
Tin-glazed earthenware
Brief description
Drug jar, 'dia sena nicol' painted on scroll around waist, made in Italy, Rome, tin-glazed earthenware
  • Height: 22cm
  • Diameter: 13.5cm
Marks and inscriptions
  • 'dia sena nicol' (Painted in Gothic script on a scroll incircling the waist.)
    Nicholas's preparation of senna
  • 'iacomo vasellaro a ripa granni fecit 1593' (Latin. Signature painted on the back)
Gallery label
Drug jar Made in Italy dia sena nicol Tin-glazed earthenware 5402-1859(16/07/2008)
Object history
Purchase price note: Bought for £2 2s 6d.
1) See G. Morazzoni, La maiolica veneta I, 1955, p. 85 for the opinion that this was made at Rome, where potters were called "vasellari", and where there is a district in Trastevere called "Ripa Grande". No such district known in Venice.
2) This supported by [G. Liverani] in review of the same book, Faenza XLI, 1955, p. 93. The glaze of this piece is technically poor in comparison with 982.
3) Encyclopedia Italiana, Rome 1934, article "Maiolica" by G. Ballardini, Pl. CLXXI lower right, an albarello very similar to no. 983 with inscription " ROMA 1620 ".
4) G. Liverani, Maioliche romane del rinascimento nel Museo di Roma, Faenza XLI, 1955, p.102
5)See Rackham's 1960 notes for his second thoughts.
Bibliographic reference
Rackham, Bernard. Catalogue of Italian Maiolica, London : H.M.S.O., 1977
Other number
983 - Rackham (1977)
Accession number

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