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Scene on the Quay at Salonika

1902 (drawn)
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Object details

Object type
  • Scene on the Quay at Salonika (assigned by artist)
  • In Search of Miss Stone (assigned by artist)
Materials and techniques
Pen and ink
Brief description
Pen and ink drawing, `Scene on the Quay at Salonika', 1902, by William T. Maud
Physical description
  • Height: 19cm
  • Width: 26.6cm
Marks and inscriptions
Inscribed on the back: In Search of Miss Stone: Scene on the Quay at [Salonika] (Drawn by Our Special Artist) The population of Salonika is over 120,000, of whom at least 80,000 are Jews. The porterage along the quai lies in their hands. They are the noisiest workmen in the world. They do not talk to each other but shout. [...] the extravagance of gesture which accompanies their words is simply wonderful, it is impossible to caricature it. A very favourite gesture of theirs is to tap the forehead with the first finger & thumb pinched together -
Credit line
Purchased with the assistance of the National Heritage Memorial Fund, Art Fund, Shell International and the Friends of the V&A
Historical context
W.T. Maud was a war-artist and correspondent for the illustrated magazine The Graphic. The words `In search of Miss Stone' in the inscription on the back of the drawing refer to a sensational event in September 1901. Miss Ellen Stone, an American missionary, was kidnapped near the village of Bansko and held to ransom by a band of twenty armed men affiliated with the Internal Macedonian Revolutionary Organization (IMRO), led by Yane Sandansky and Hristo Chernopeev. Eventually the ransom was paid, and Miss Stone and her companion Mrs. Katarina Stefanova Tsilka were released unharmed.
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