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ca. 1895 (made)
Place of origin

"Ribbon corset" made from strips of cream silk satin ribbon connecting boning and lacings, metal fastenings.

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Object details

Object type
Materials and techniques
Silk satin ribbons, boning, metal fasteings
Brief description
Ribbon corset, cream silk satin with boning and metal fastenings, made in England, ca. 1895
Physical description
"Ribbon corset" made from strips of cream silk satin ribbon connecting boning and lacings, metal fastenings.
  • Waist measured inside garment circumference: 48cm (Note: Measured by Conservation)
  • Hip measured inside garment circumference: 60cm (Note: Measured by Conservation)
  • Front height: 28cm
  • Back height: 19cm
  • Underbust measured inside garment circumference: 54cm (Note: Measured by Conservation)
Gallery label
Summer wear Ribbon corsets were recommended for slender women for summer. This one was worn by a woman from a merchant family living in Brazil: Fanny Harvey Fleetwood Raper, nee Duder (1879-1957). While the upper edge of the corset lies under the bust, allowing more freedom of movement, the bones in the sides constrict the waist and those in the back reinforce an upright posture. Corset Possibly Britain, about 1900 Silk satin ribbon, whalebone (baleen), metal eyelets and steel busk V&A: T.18-1958 Given by Mrs Raper(16/04/2016-12/03/2017)
Credit line
Given by Mrs Raper
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