British Costume

1967 (printed)
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On display at V&A South Kensington
Prints & Drawings Study Room, level C
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Colour half-tone printed card with letterpress text in blue on the reverse describing the costume depicted.

object details
Object Type
Additional TitleNo.19, Lady's Formal Dress 1674 (published title)
Materials and Techniques
Colour half-tone printing and letterpress
Brief Description
Picture card issued by Brooke Bond, 1 from a complete set of 50, entitled 'British Costume', with descriptions of the reverse of each card by Madeleine Ginsburg (No.19, Lady's Formal Dress 1674). Great Britain, 1967.
Physical Description
Colour half-tone printed card with letterpress text in blue on the reverse describing the costume depicted.
  • Height: 6.8cm
  • Width: 3.7cm
Credit line
Given by Mrs N. Vowles
Object history
This card is part of a set of cards that were issued individually in packs of Brooke Bond Tea.
Bibliographic Reference
The full set is as follows: Day Clothes about 1050, Day and Travelling Clothes about 1150, Day Clothes about 1250, Day Clothes about 1350, Man's Day Clothes about 1430, Lady's Day Dress about 1430, Formal Clothes about 1480, Lady's Day Dress about 1490, Man's Day Clothes about 1490, Irish Chieftain about1545, Lady's Formal Dress about 1545, Man's Formal Clothes about 1548, Man's Formal Clothes 1600, Lady's Formal Dress about 1610, Lady's Day Dress about 1634, Man's Day Clothes 1629, Man's Day Clothes about 1650, Scottish Chieftain about 1660, Lady's Formal Dress 1674, Man's Formal Clothes 1674, Lady's Formal Dress about 1690, Man's Day Clothes 1738, Lady's Day Dress about 1750, Lady's Day Dress about 1760, Man's Day Clothes about 1770, Country Clothes about 1780, Lady's Day Dress about 1780, Lady's Formal Dress 1802, Welsh Country Dress about 1830, Man's Day Clothes 1805, Evening Clothes about 1806, Day Clothes 1825, Day Clothes 1848/9, Day Clothes about 1856, Lady's Day Dress 1867, Day Clothes 1872, Lady's Evening Dress 1876, Lady's Day Dress about 1885, Day Clothes 1896, Day Clothes 1901, Ladys Day Dress 1906, Lady's Day Dress 1909, Day Clothes 1916, Day Clothes 1920, Day Clothes about 1927, Day Clothes 1929, Day Clothes 1938, Day Clothes 1941, Day Clothes 1947 & Day Clothes 1967
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