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The Virgin Hodegetria

19th century (painted)
Place of origin

Tempera painting

Object details

Object type
This object consists of 2 parts.

  • Icon
  • Frame for Icon
TitleThe Virgin Hodegetria
Materials and techniques
Tempera on panel
Brief description
Icon of the Virgin Hodegetria, Russian, 19th century
Physical description
Tempera painting
  • Icon height: 171mm
  • Icon width: 133mm
  • Icon depth: 12mm
  • Frame height: 231mm
  • Frame width: 186mm
  • Frame depth: 38mm
17.8 x 13.3 cm: Measured by Emma Luker, 27/06/07
Credit line
Given anonymously
Object history
Anonymous gift, found in PDP in 1997

This icon was discovered in the V&A in 1997. No information is known about the circumstances of its arrival at the museum. The frame in which it was found is of the nineteenth century Russian type.

Historical significance: This icon is of a type of icon depicting the Virgin and Child known as the Virgin 'Hodegetria', or the Virgin 'who shows the way.' It is based on a miraculous icon from the monastery of the Panaghia Hodegetria in Constantinople which was supposedly painted by Saint Luke himself (see icon W.36-1927). In this icon, the Theotokos, or God-bearing one, points to Christ as the means of the salvation of mankind. The icon is well painted and in very good condition aside from some minor rubbing to the surface. The heavy gold highlights and the dark ochre tones of the flesh of the figures are all characteristic of Russian painting in the nineteenth century.
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Record createdJune 18, 2007
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