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  • Date:

    1460-1500 (made)

  • Materials and Techniques:

    Oak, boarded

  • Credit Line:

    Given by Mr. Frank Green, FSA

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  • Gallery location:

    On loan

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On loan to Oakwell Hall.

Physical description

Carved oak. The centre of the front is occupied by two hinged doors, one pierced with a rectangular panel of tracery and the other with a circular nose.
The doors are bound by four long iron hinges each terminating in a rosette. At the top is a battlemented moulding.

15th June 2005
Notes from Loan visit to Oakwell Hall:

The main timbers about 3cm thick.

No base or feet as such.
Ostensibly held together with very large hand-made nails, modern nails and traces (PR rear) of metal angle reinforcers.
The hinges old and hand-made but more solid than you'd expect.
All kinds of ironmongery added inside doors.
Report of carving added to doors - carvings themselves unconvincing.
Very unusual vertical mouldings down front stiles/legs - Germanic?
Castellated top rail - Germanic?
Lots of exp worm on PR side (could be reused table top).
Lots of newish nails all over it.
Back and PL side and PL front stile of more degraded oak planks than top and PR side and PR stile.

The interior corners reinforced with pine battens on modern nails.
At one point fitted with 3 shelves (missing).

Summary: Suspicious. Could be German perhaps with nasty alterations. If English then more likely to be a lash-up with old and distressed timbers.


1460-1500 (made)

Materials and Techniques

Oak, boarded


Height: 158 cm, Width: 83 cm, Depth: 46.5 cm

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