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Sedan Chair

ca. 1745-75 (made)
Place Of Origin

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Object Type
This object consists of 3 parts.

  • Sedan Chair
  • Door
  • Seat
Materials and Techniques
painted wood lined in velvet
Brief Description
Sedan chair of painted wood lined with green velvet, French, 18th century
  • Width: 74cm
  • Depth: 92cm
  • Height: 165cm
Taken Jan 2010
Object history
Purchased from David L. Isaacs, 44 & 46 New Oxford Street, for £100 (Nominal File MA/1/I306, Registered file 1890/84500). It was recorded there that the sedan chair was 'much worn and rubbed, portions missing, no poles'. It was described as 'Luois XIV' but is now thought to date from the middle of the 18th century.
Comments by Stephen Loft-Simpson, letter to Kate Hay, 14 December 2004:

"French, c. 1768--75. Box lid to seat typical of others from Marseille in 1770's. Nailed leather pattern to floor, typical of Savoy and Piedmont. Painted flowers probably 19th c. as none of this type survive. Assumed to be after 1768 when roller blinds were patented by Thomas Laycock, in England. Ornamentation style post rococo, pre neo-classical. 1765--1775. Style of pole lug more common in the north and central France, wooden upper panels are also more normal in central and northern France. Canvas panels (painted) the norm in the South. Not unlike the Denis Diderot 1771 Brouette in upper side profile." [Check meaning of last reference]
Subject depicted
Accession Number
675:1 to 3-1890

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