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More about Searching by Colour

This project, known as FABRIC (Fashion and Apparel Browsing for Inspirational Content) is a UK Technology Strategy Board funded project that is developing innovative technologies that help people browse image collections for design inspiration.

Designers are more likely to use images rather than descriptions to spark and fuel their creativity. The FABRIC project is developing and evaluating software that helps enable effective browsing, retrieval, and management of digital art images throughout the textile and clothing industry, with application to other creative industries.

Novel software enables automated positioning of individual images within a large digital collection based on their visual attributes such as colour, texture, and shape, regardless of whether they share keywords with the original image.

This technology is being evaluated with the Victoria and Albert Museum for cultural heritage applications and by Liberty Art Fabrics for design inspiration for the commercial sector.

Research is funded by the UK Technology Strategy Board and includes collaborators from:
University of Dundee
Liberty Art Fabrics
Victoria and Albert Museum
System Simulation

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